One of the new events on the territory of the municipality of Bajina Bašta is the TRIBALION race. This is the craziest sports adventure – the first real Serbian obstacle race! It is held on Mountain Tara every year in May.

We present you a race of almost 20 km of the most difficult mountain terrain, with 35 difficult obstacles, through mud, water, dust and 1150 meters of height difference!

High walls, climbing a rope, crawling through mud, carrying sandbags, hauling loads, throwing a hammer at a target, swimming, water obstacles in a canyon, parts of the route that are almost vertical, are just some of the obstacles that await you at Tribalion!

You can team up with your friends, colleagues and create a team that will help you successfully overcome all the obstacles and trials of the Tribalion race! Each team with four or more members enters the team ranking. In order for a team to rank, each team member must complete a race. Team time is obtained by adding up the time of each team member individually.

The biggest reward for all competitors who participate in the Tribalion challenge is to complete the race. Proof that you’ve managed to push your own limits of endurance. Also, every competitor who registers for the race gets a Tribalion t-shirt and every competitor who finishes the race gets a finisher’s medal.

The Tribalion race consists of 3 different tracks adapted to your physical fitness.

Tribalion “CHALLENGE” is a race that goes to the very core of true adventure and consists of 20 km, 1150 m of cumulative ascent and 35 obstacles.

Tribalion “GREEN” is a route with obstacles of a touristic-recreational character, but with all the elements of a real adventure and consists of 10 km, 400 m of cumulative ascent and 20 obstacles.

CHILDREN’S RACE is intended for children to enjoy a unique race, ingenious socializing, promoting health and developing sportsmanship!




Don’t miss being part of the “Tribalion” phenomenon. Show courage and sportsmanship! More information about the race and applications can be found on the official website of Tribalion.