The “Wild Bear” bicycle race is held in the Tara National Park every year in the month of September, organized by the “Na sve strane” sports association.

The cycling race will consist of three stages, and will be run in teams of two participants. Participants have to overcome close to 150 kilometers driving through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Tara National Park.

Over 50 teams from all surrounding countries, including Hungary, Austria and Switzerland, are coming to Tara mountain. Compared to previous years, the number of participants has almost doubled, and the competition in the elite category (men +18) will be at the highest level. The start and finish of all stages is in Mitrovac on Tara mountain, while the participants drive three different stages during the three days of the event.

The first stage is 41 km long and the participants drive in the direction of Šljivovica, via Bulibanovac and Dobro polje, so that, after passing by Tankosin grob, they continue their journey towards Čemerište and later to the finish line in Mitrovac.

The second stage, also known as the “King’s stage”, is the longest, and before the participants is a 60 km long path, which will lead them from Mitrovac to the Banjska stena road (path 9a), to continue on the road through Čemerište to Batura, Sjenič and Predov krst. After arriving at Predov Krst, the participants are expected to visit Jagoštica and make a circle around Galnik, in order to return to Predov Krst on the road that passes by the Brusnica stream, from where they are expected to return to Mitrovac.

The third stage is 45 km long. Participants are driven across Dobro polje and Ljuto polje, and in the direction of Zborište, towards the Zmajevac viewpoint. After passing one of the most famous viewpoints, the road continues towards lakes Spajići and Zaovine. From Zaovine to Sekulići all participants should expect a strong ascent that will also mark the last kilometers of the third stage. After passing through Sekulić, the participants will pass through Krnja Jela and continue to the finish line in Mitrovac.




The aim of holding the “Wild Bear” cycling event is to promote cycling, location and active vacation, which is of great importance for the area of ​​the Tara National Park.

Our wish is to bring the beauty of the Tara National Park closer to a large number of people who like to spend their holidays actively and get to know different locations on bicycles. We believe that this is an ideal way to extend the already high-quality tourist offer to a part of the season after the kids return to school, which can be of importance to all those involved in tourism on Tara.

Anyone interested can watch this event live, as the start and finish will be open to the public, and will be located on the sports fields of the Center for Children’s Resorts in Mitrovac.

“Wild Bear” is held in cooperation with the Tara National Park, the tourist organization “Tara-Drina” and the Belgrade Children’s Resort Center.