HORSE RIDING is another activity that is gaining more and more fans. Horse riding enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the beauty of Tara mountain on horseback. The offer of Horse riding club “Dora” includes several very attractive horseback riding tours on Mountain Tara, through which tourists have the opportunity to see Mountain Tara in the most beautiful light with its endless forests, glades, and meadows.

Depending on what your plans are and how much riding experience you have, there are several activities that we offer you when you are on holiday at Mountain Tara. If you have absolutely no experience, you can try riding a horse with a guide, and feel at least for a moment what it all looks like. If you don’t have experience or you don’t have much experience, you can go through a 10-hour training, through which you will acquire the basics of riding and already be able to manage a horse at a walk and a trot. If you are an experienced rider, you can rent a horse and explore the mountains on your own or with a guide. There are certain locations that we suggest for experienced riders. If you do not know the terrain, you can get the services of a guide.




Various tests have been performed regarding the effect of horses on humans. It is undoubtedly proven that horse riding
causes an increase in blood flow through the organs located in the pelvis. It has a positive effect on health, reducing stress and maintaining a beautiful body.