We offer you an ideal opportunity to get to know this region from a completely different perspective and in a totally different way. Take a tour on Lake Zovine, which is located on Mountain Tara, row a kayak on Lake Perućac, which is the third deepest canyon in the world, or enjoy a descent down the Drina River, which is one of the most beautiful rivers in this part of Europe.

Rafting through this swirling mountain beauty will take you back to the time when the Drina river was a strong and unpredictable mountain river, before it was tamed by the reservoir lake in Perućac.

And just a few kilometers from the start of this adventure towards Bajina Bašta, you will witness the timeless unificaton of nature.
When, the river Vrelo, only 365 m long, which is why it is also called the river Godina, flows down the three beautiful waterfalls into the Drina.

From comfortable kayaks, enjoy a wonderful view of the untouched nature of this region. Kayaking adventures are designed for all of you who would like to try something new, as well as for all lovers of nature, rivers and all those who would like to experience Podrinje in a completely different way.

No previous experience is necessary, the kayaks are stable and safe, and can be ridden by people of all ages. Before the tour itself, your guide will give you a short training and show you the basic steps so that you can fully enjoy the sightseeing. Be ready to treat yourself to a new adventure that you will surely talk about.

In addition to organized tours on Lake Zaovine and the Drina river, from June 15, daily kayak rentals are offered on Lake Perućac by the pontoon beach.




If you are interested in kayaking tours, click on the button below and get information about this tour. This program is organized by the Green Vision agency.