Canyoning is currently one of the most attractive adrenaline programs that you can enjoy in Bajina Basta. It is practiced in the environment of vertical canyons and waterfalls that Tara is full of. Considering that it does not require great physical preparation, canyoning is developing quickly, both as a sport and entertainment. Although it was initially accessible only to those who practiced this sport, it has been shown all over the world that canyoning under the supervision of professional guides can be practiced by everyone.

The equipment used is a rope that is placed on waterfalls, carabiners, harnesses, a helmet and a diving suit, which is required in most cases.

In order to engage in canyoning activities on your own, you need to have the appropriate equipment and know the techniques for safe passage through the canyon. In Bajina Basta, canyoning tours are handled by the Green Bear agency, which can be contacted here.

If you don’t have time for that, simply rely on canyoning instructors who can safely guide you through this wonderful vertical environment. In this case, all necessary equipment is provided. It’s yours to get ready and get to know the natural aqua parks with plenty of blue pools and waterfalls!




If you are interested in canyoning tours that will raise your adrenaline level, click on the button below and get information about this tour. This tour is organized by the Green Bear agency from Bajina Basta.