Drina River and its surroundings are among the biggest Serbian tourist attractions from which most attractive part is the 60 km flow through the municipality of Bajina Bašta. It is a paradise for anglers because, in addition to being one of the cleanest rivers, it also abounds in different types of fish, the most attractive of which are grayling, trout, sablefish, sturgeon, chub, barbel, catfish…

There are about 30 species of fish in the Drina river, but the most famous is certainly taimen (hucho hucho), which is also called the “queen of the Drina river”. Of all the fish on the Drina, it is the most difficult to catch and it is the dream of every fisherman, and in the area of ​​Bajina Basta, the largest specimens in Europe was caught with over 30 kg. Beside taimne that is caught on artificial bait (wobbler) fishing grayling on artificial flies (Fly fishing) is also very attractive.


  • Because it is one of the richest rivers with different types of fish

  • Because the largest specimens of salomon fish species in Europe were caught in it (taimen – 31 kg, grayling – 2.58 kg, 58 cm…)

  • Because we take care of the future of the fish stock, and in two years, 30,000 pieces of taimen between 10 and 20 cm in size were released from the hatchery in Perucac.

  • Because it is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe

  • Because in addition to enjoying fishing, it allows a unique experience of beautiful nature and relaxation in a unique environment next to our “Zelenika”

  • Because on the territory of Bajina Basta, right next to the Drina river, there are adequate facilities for the accommodation of both fishermen and all kinds of tourists





Thanks to the fact that the Drina river changes its character, changing from a mountain to a lowland river, there are salmonids and cyprinids in it, especially in the upper and middle reaches. There are 47 species from 14 fish families in the Drina river.