Zaovine Lake is located on Mountain Tara near the village of Zaovine and it’s artificial lake It was created in the period from 1975 to 1983. when the flow of the Beli Rzav river was blocked by dams near the Kik peak (958 m above sea level). At the highest water level, the surface of the lake is at an altitude of 881.5 m. The greatest depth is about 110 meters. The lake is supplemented by two streams Konjska reka and Beli Rzav.

The lake is the reservoir of the reversible hydropower plant “Bajina Basta” in Perucac, with which it is connected by a vertical pipeline. In case of low water level of the Drina river, the lake is emptied and the turbines of the hydroelectric power plant are started, while in case of excess water and flood waves, the water is pumped vertically into Lake Zaovine. That is why the level of the lake fluctuates a lot. There are also four smaller lakes from which the water can flow into the big lake through a system of connected pipelines. One of those lakes is Lake Spajici, which is located on the other side of the dam.

The water is very clean and with a little processing in water processing plants it is used for drinking. The lake is also used for trout breeding. In the summer, there are tourists on unorganized beaches. Near the dam is the place where Josif Pancic discovered Pancic’s spruce, as well as the medieval fortress Grad.




ZAOVINE is a wooded mountain village in the southwestern part of Tara Mountain. With its 28 hamlets and an area of ​​over 6,000 hectares, it is the most spacious village in the municipality of Bajina Basta. This village is famous for the discovery of Pancic’s spruce in 1875. tree that grows in several localities, “Zmajevacki potok”, “Vranjak”, “Studenac”, “Trenice” and “Sklopovi”. After a century, an artificial reversible lake was formed in the same place, into which water is pumped from the lower Lake Perucac.