BANJSKA STENA is one of the most famous and beautiful viewpoints in Serbia. It is 6 kilometers away from Mitrovac and 2 marked hiking trails (#9 and #9a) and a macadam road lead to it. The name of the viewpoint Banjska stena comes from the Banjska spring, which erupted at its foot. The spring was of karst origin with a constant water temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. It got its name from the Turkish word banja, which means a place with hot water. The local population used the water from the spring even in winter, because it maintained the same temperature all year round. However, the Banjsko spring was submerged by the construction of Lake Perućac.

From the viewpoint, located at 1065 meters above sea level, there is an unforgettable view of the Perućac lake, the canyon of the Drina river and the area of ​​Osat in Bosnia. Osat is a regional unit in Bosnia, on the left side of the middle course of the Drina, known as a strong construction center. Builders from Osat built a large number of religion buildings and houses in central and western Serbia. Characteristic in terms of their architecture, log cabin houses on Tara were named Osaćanke.

Below the viewpoint is the Banjsko točilo, sipar, which was built in the 19th century. and used for the transport of wood. The cut logs were pushed down the mill to the rafters, where they were used to make rafts that were lowered by experienced rafters down the Drina and Sava rivers to Belgrade. Today, the 1,300-meter-long spa tap is overgrown with vegetation, among which there is a large number of rare plant species characteristic of sipares.



BILJEŠKA STENA is a viewpoint on the Zvijezda mountain at 1225 meters above sea level, on the border of the “Zvijezda” nature reserve. It is located 6 km from Predov Krst, which is connected to it by a macadam road and hiking trail. 14. Here, from close range, you can see thin, spindly trees of Pančić’s spruce – a unique species of conifer that survived the last ice age and can be found only in this area. Unfortunately, due to climate changes during the last decade, many spruces have dried up.

From this viewpoint there is a beautiful view of the artificial lake Perućac and the beginning of the Drina canyon on the left and the Drina river valley on the right. On the other side of the lake is Republic of Bosnia, and it’s region known as Osat. Next to picnic furniture there is also a house where the movie “Birds that don’t fly” was filmed with Bata Živojinović in the lead role.



CRNJESKOVO is a viewpoint located on a cliff 980 meters high not far from Kaludjerske Bare. Hiking trail number 3 leads to this viewpoint. From the viewpoint there is a view of the Rača river gorge, the Drina river valley and the town of Bajina Bašta.

At the exit from the gorge there is medieval Rača monastery built in the 13th century. by King Dragutin Nemanjić. Near the monastery is the hermitage of St. George which was the center of the famous Račan copying school. From the viewpoint, on the left side, you can see the Cross Rock with a metal cross under which there are caves where the monks hid books.



SOKOLARICA is a viewpoint located on the edge of the plateau and the settlement of Sokolina, 4 km from Racanska Sljivovica, 10 km from Kaludjerske Bare and 12 km from Mitrovac. The viewpoint actually consists of several smaller connected viewpoints at an altitude of 990 meters, and it is located opposite the Crnjeskovo viewpoint and above the Raca river gorge.

Viewpoint Sokolarica is part of the “Klisura Race” reserve, so please behave in such a way not to disturb nature. The reserve is characterized by a great wealth of wildlife, and the greatest values ​​are the mountain beech rainforest and pure walnut forests in the lower parts, while at higher elevations there are black pine, spruce, fir, juniper and other species. This area is also habitat of the brown bear and on the path to the viewpoint you can notice the barbed wire that is used to collect material for genetic analysis. Although the name of the viewpoint says otherwise (Soko is Falcon), bald eagles nest on these cliffs.

From Sokolarica you can see Crnjeskovo, Krstasta stena, Raca river gorge, Kaludjerske Bare and Racanska Sljivovica.



SJENIC is a viewpoint located on Crni vrh, about 6 km from Predov Krst, which is connected to it by a macadam road and hiking trail 12b. A 12-meter-high wooden observation tower dominates this site at 1,444 meters above sea level. From here there is a view of the wooded massif of Tara mountain.

Across the village of Rastiste and through the Derventa gorge, the view reaches Lake Perucac. About a hundred years ago, the route of the forest cable car used to descend the felled timber to the Drina, and then it was transported by rafts. The “Bilo” and “Ljuti Breg” reserves are located close to the viewpoint, and they are characterized by mixed forests of spruce, fir, spruce, black pine, beech, aspen and birch, and a little further are the “Crvene Stene” and “Kremici” reserves. On the right side you can see Sekulic and the Gavran, Zboriste and Iver peaks.



OSLUSA is a viewpoint, in the Oslusa weekend resort, 7 km from Mitrovac towards Kaludjerske Bare. You can reach this viewpoint by following part of the European pedestrian corridor E7 or by cycling route “Visoka Tara”. From this easily accessible site there is a view of the Drina river valley, Town of Bajina Bašta and Osat in Bosnia and the Povlen mountain in the background.

This viewpoint, located at 964 meters above sea level, is also a launch pad for paragliders.



Gate of Podrinje is located on the Povlen mountain, next to the highway Valjevo – Bajina Basta, at the place where the travelers from the direction of Valjevo first encounters the landscape of the Drina river valley and the surrounding mountains. The location on which the viewpoint was built has always been attractive to all tourists and passers-by on this part of the road, and as soon as the plateau of the viewpoint was built even larger number of people started to stop by. Next to the plateau, which is a combination of wooden and concrete construction on metal poles, benches, there is a parking filled with gravel and thuja seedlings have been planted in front of the observation deck.

The Gate of Podrinje viewpoint was built as part of the project of the Tourism Organization of Western Serbia together with nine other locations in this tourist region. Funds for this project were obtained through a competition at the Ministry of Tourism and on the basis of projects of viewpoints submitted by local tourist organizations. In the municipality of Bajina Bašta, as part of this project, panoramic binoculars will be installed at the most famous and most beautiful viewpoint in Serbia – Banjska Stena in Tara National Park.



RAVNA STJENA or GRAD is a locality located near the Lazici dam and the Spajici lake in Zaovine and can be reached by a well-maintained hiking trail. 29. It is a monolith created by the erosion of the Pannonian Sea, on which there is a viewpoint and where you can see the remains of the former early Byzantine fortification. Not far from here is the beginning of the reserve and the canyon “Sklopovi” cut by Beli Rzav river.



JANJAC (1,473 m above sea level) is one of the highest peaks of Tara National Park and probably one of the most beautiful viewpoints. It is located in Zaovine, above Gornje Karaklije, on the very border of Serbia and Republika Srpska (BiH). It can be reached by path through the village of Karaklije. From this peak there is a magnificent panoramic view of the village of Zaovine and the massif of Tara mountain, and on the other side is Visegrad, and if you are lucky you can even see the famous Bridge over the Drina built by Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic, described in novel by our Nobel laureate Ivo Andric.



This viewpoint, named after the name that the Serbs have used for the Drina river for centuries, is located next to the Perucac – Mitrovac road and offers one of the most beautiful views of the Drina river valley, hydro power plant “Bajina Basta” and Lake Perucac and the region of Osat in the Republic of Srpska.

На каскадном платоу урађена је дрвена ограда и постављено шест модерно и функционално дизајнираних надстрешница са столицама, столовима и лежаљкама који посетиоцима пружају посебан угођај и уживање у изузетном погледу на овај део Подриња.

The investor in the construction and equipping of the Zelenika viewpoint is the Tara National Park with the financial support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Unicredit Bank. The initiative for the construction came from the Tara National Park User Council, and the development of the project was financed by the Tourist Organization “Tara-Drina” Bajina Basta.