Mitrovac is one of the largest plateaus of Tara mountain. It is located at about 1080 m above sea level and is characterized by cold winters and autumns that are warmer than spring. The average thickness of the snow is about 1 m and it stays there 100 days a year. In summer, the average temperature is 16.6 degrees. Here you will be greeted by an abundance of nature and clean air. An active experience of nature…

The special attraction of this part of Tara is certainly Lake Zaovine and the Kozja stena viewpoint, which offers a magnificent view of the Drina canyon and Perucac lake. Lake Zaovine lies at 840 m above sea level, and was created by damming the upper reaches of the Beli Rzav river. In the time of high water levels, water from Lake Perucac is pumped into Lake Zaovine through huge pipes installed in a tunnel with a length of 9750 m. in times of low water level water from Lake Zaovine returns to Lake Perucac through the same pipes and is used for the production of electricity. Lake Zaovine, surrounded by forests and glades, is a true oasis of peace and quiet. Crystal clear lake water is abundant with various types of fish, so fishing lovers will find their place to enjoy. The lake offers plenty of opportunities for water sports and swimming. All senses will enjoy Zaovine.




A large Belgrade Children’s Resort was built in Mitrovac, where, in addition to the central facility, there are six more pavilions in the form of tents, with a total capacity of about 600 children. Within the resort, there are all the conditions for recreation classes to take place along with rest and recovery. Two ski lifts operate in the winter.