Lake Perucac is an artificial lake in the territory of the municipality of Bajina Basta, Republic of Serbia.

The lake was created by damming the flow of the Drina river, for the needs of the “Bajina Basta” hydroelectric plant. Lake Perucac is an accumulation lake that is supplied with water from the Drina river. Lake Perucac has an area of ​​about 12.4 km², a volume of 340,000,000 m³ of water, and a depth of up to 60 meters. The length of the lake is about 54 km, the smallest width is 150 meters, and the largest width is about 1000 meters. Lake Perucac is located at 290 meters above sea level. The largest part of the lake is located in the canyon of the Drina river, which begins 7 km from the dam of the “Bajina Basta” hydropower plant. The longest, i.e. canyon part of the lake is surrounded by a very steep coast bordered by steep stone cliffs and stone blocks that plunge vertically into the water. Due to the steepness of the coast, the depth of the lake just a few meters from the shore reaches an average depth of 3 to 8 meters. The middle of the lake represents the border between Republika Srpska, BiH and the Republic of Serbia.

The lake is located in the natural bend of the Drina river canyon between Bajina Basta and Visegrad, and surrounds the Tara mountain on which the Tara National Park is located. The lake is suitable for fishing and swimming.

The beach in Perucac has pontoons with pools for children. The swimming area is fenced off with buoys, and lifeguards are constantly present on the shore with rescue boat in the water. There are also showers, slides, diving board and it’s possible to rent pedal boats, boats. There is also a wonderful restaurant. A boat ride on the lake is a amazing experience.




Cruising through the Drina river canyon is one of the biggest attractions. You start your journey at Lake Perucac and cruise all the way to Visegrad and the famous Bridge on the Drina river.