The goal of the Cyrillic Bike Ride is to promote a healthy lifestyle, recreational cycling, environmental protection, traffic safety, nurturing and continuous use of the Cyrillic, and to present the significance of the Racha Monastery and the achievements of the Racha Literary and Transcription School.

In the month when the school year begins, the Cyrillic Bike Ride symbolically connects the Cyrillic Park in the center of Bajina Bašta, the place where construction works have already begun on the Cyrillic Center complex and the area where the Racha Literary and Transcription School flourished, and where our alphabet was preserved during the most difficult times in the past. The goal is to emphasize the importance of constant use of the Cyrillic alphabet at the beginning of the school year and to remind that there was a school near Bajina Bašta whose work represent timeless cultural, spiritual and artistic values.




The bike ride is of a recreational type, the length of the route is 13 km (6.5 km in one direction), the route is not physically demanding. The ride is intended for both children and adults. Children up to fourth grade must be accompanied.

The organizer provides a police escort and medical professional assistance, along with a vehicle equipped to accept bicycles that break down. Additionally, the security service is available to provide assistance.